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We have answers to all your recycling questions.

Northeast Cartage and Recycling Solutions | Recycling Services FAQs

Do I have to sort papers from bottles and cans?
No, with single-stream recycling all sorting is done at our state-of-the-art recycling plant.

What is single stream recycling?
It simply refers to a new system of recycling that takes the two recycling “streams” (mixed paper and comingled containers) and combines them into one recycling bin, hence creating a “single-stream.”

No more sorting! Single-stream recycling makes it convenient and easy for every household, business and school to achieve the highest goals of waste diversion from landfills.

Will I be able to recycle more?
Yes. Single-stream programs add new materials that are acceptable to the recycling list which provides another reason recycling rates will increase and disposal rates decrease.

However, it is important that you only place clean non-hazardous recyclables in the bin on the acceptable list. One bin tends to encourage people to put everything in that seems recyclable. That’s why we need you to be a community full of educated, conscientious recyclers to make the program a huge success.

Besides being easy and convenient, why should my municipality convert to single-stream?
The overwhelming value of the single stream program is cost avoidance associated with collection and waste disposal. The convenience of single-stream results in higher participation which means less goes to the landfill. Higher landfill diversion not only lowers landfill fees but also qualifies your municipality for larger recycling performance grants.

In addition, the ability to collect all recycling in one versus two routes saves municipalities time and manpower that could now be reallocated to other services like grooming parks, cleaning storm water basins and patching roads, etc.

Multiple compartment trucks that are more costly to purchase and operate are no longer necessary, streamlining DPW fleets to single compartment trucks. Strained DPW budgets could perform more services without increasing fees to make yours a better community.

Are other communities using single-stream recycling?
Yes. Other communities diverting 50%, 60% even 70% of their garbage from the landfill have achieved these goals in part by adopting single-stream. It is anticipated that by 2014, 80% of recycling will be collected using single-stream method. Single-stream makes fiscal and environmental sense.

If everything gets mixed together, will single-stream recyclables still have value?
Yes. Single-stream recyclables have positive monetary value even in fair market conditions. NRS has invested in state of the art equipment that separates the mix into salable commodities.

This seems like a win-win program for residents, municipalities and the environment! Will my municipality be converting to single-stream recycling?
Elected officials need to hear you. Change is never easy. Call your town hall and attend a council meeting. Have a voice and let them know that you want progress. If you are serious about conserving resources and evolving this area out of the recycling stone ages, make some noise and you will be heard.

How can i learn more about the recycling process?
To find out what Northeast Cartage & Recycling Solutions can do for your home or business, call 570-270-0301 today!